Hotel Banana Azul
Playa Negra
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon, Costa Rica
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Banana Azul's Team


  • Andrea manager

Andrea is our Hotel General Manager and she’s been with us for four years. Born in San Jose and raised in Guapiles, she’s always wanted to live here. She likes working at Banana Azul because the staff is like one big family. “We are lucky because we have nice clients. Banana Azul is successful so it’s a great place for our employees to learn valuable skills.”


  • Ernesto

Ernesto is the manager of our tour company, Caribe Fun Tours. He is originally from Los Angeles, California and has lived in Costa Rica for 10 years now. He has worked here for 3 months only but already loves the job as he gets to provide amazing holidays for clients, which make them feel as excited about the country as he felt when he came here for the first time.


  • Meaghan

Meaghan is from Toronto, Canada and works as the bar and restaurant manager. She has been working here for three months and absolutely loves her job. There aren't any negative aspects to it as far as she's concerned. 


  • Lesbia

Lesbia is from Nicaragua and has been working in the kitchen for 9 years. She is currently the head of the kitchen. Her favorite thing about the hotel is the location and the vibe it brings with it. 


  • Rina

Rina is our Front Desk Manager. She is originally from Cahuita and like her job a lot as she likes to work in a team. She also thinks everyone is very friendly which makes for a good working environment. 


  • Yuli

Yuli is from Paraíso, Costa Rica and works as a receptionist at the hotel. She has been working here for about a year and enjoys it a lot as she get along well with all of her colleagues and likes interacting with the guests. 


  • Ronald

Ronald is from Limón and has worked here for over a year. He was an assistant cook in the hotel restaurant but now works as a server and restaurant team leader.. He enjoys working at Hotel Banana Azul as he enjoys the environment and has made a lot of new friends at the hotel.


  • Esteban

Like many other staff members, Esteban is also from Costa Rica. He has been working at the hotel as a waiter for three weeks and really enjoys the interaction with the guests and getting to know them. His motto in life is (obviously) 'Pura Vida!'. 


  • Tariq

All the way from New York is one of our most popular bartenders, Tariq who has been working at the hotel for a little longer than a year. He moved here because his mother is Costa Rican and he wanted a change of lifestyle. He gets along with the customers very well and tries to personalize every order. 


  • Yadira

Yadira is the Housekeeping Supervisor and is from Margarita, Costa Rica. She has worked here for two years and enjoys working at the hotel because of the nice location.


  • Yarisel

Yarisel is another one of our housekeepers and she is from Margarita, Costa Rica. She has been working at the hotel for one and a half years and her favorite thing about her job is definitely the location. 


  • Yanilda

Yanilda is one of the housekeepers at the hotel and is originally from Nicaragua. She has worked here for six months and loves her job as she enjoys helping her colleagues and making sure the guests enjoy their stay.


  • Ovelia

Ovelia is from Nicaragua and has been working in the kitchen at Banana Azul for three years. She has lived in Puerto Viejo for six years and moved here for work. She enjoys all aspects of her job in the kitchen!


  • Marlen

Marlene is from Nicaragua and has worked in the kitchen for six months now. She is very enthusiastic about her job and the hotel and loves everything about working here. 


  • Evelyn

Evelyn is from Limon and has worked here for three years. She works has worked in different departments, but enjoy the most the kitchen, where she is currently working.


  • Ali

Ali has been working for the tour company, Caribe Fun Tours, for only a month and is from the Talamanca area. He likes the vibe at the hotel both among the staff member as between staff and guests. 


  • Alex

Another staff member from a foreign country is Alex who is from the French part of Belgium. He has worked for Caribe Fun Tours for two months and moved here to live another life and because of his Costa Rican wife. His favorite part about his job is seeing how happy the guests are about being on vacation. 


  • Jimmy

Jimmy is from Puerto Viejo and he is the accountant of the hotel. He has worked here for times and likes the relaxed vibe at both the hotel as well as the general vibe Puerto Viejo has. 


  • Rick

Rick is our landscaper and has been doing a wonderful job here for 9 years. He is originally from Texas and enjoys all the new people he meets while working here as there are a lot of different nationalities at the hotel. 


  • Kristiano_BA Team

Cristino is part of our maintenance crew. He is from the nearby town of Bri Bri and has been one of our maintenance guys for three years. He likes living here to be close to his family. He tells us his favorite thing about working here are his co-workers.


  • Esteban Maintenance

Esteban is also part of our maintenance crew. He is originally from Guapiles and has worked here for four months only. He enjoys his job at the hotel as maintenance is his speciality and something he enjoys doing a lot. 


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