Hotel Banana Azul
Playa Negra
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon, Costa Rica
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Beachside Massage

What better way to relax than a massage on the beach? Azul Beach Club has a speical area on the beach to pamper and spoil you. Our masseurs are dedicated to the health and balance of your body, finding the complete happiness and vitality of your entire being. Combined with the breezes of the Caribbean Sea this a truly unique experience.

Choose from a variety of special massage offerings. Enjoy a private massage or side by side couples massage with two of our talented therapists.

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Relaxing Massage

This massage is for complete relaxation from head to toe. One hour dedicated to your body to revitalize your mind and your soul. You will be immersed in the scents and sounds of the Caribbean Sea. This is something travelers cannot miss.

Singles                         Couples

30 minutes      $29          60 minutes      $95

60 minutes      $49          90 minutes      $129

90 minutes      $69     

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is going to help you achieve an even deeper relaxation. It is designed to relieve your accumulated tension. It incorporates pressure to stimulate blood flow, oxygenation, and circulation to the tissues. Perfect for those with active or high-stress lives.

Singles                     Couples

60 minutes      $59          60 minutes      $115

90 minutes      $89          90 minutes      $169

Four Hands Massage

Two therapists working together simultaneously to reset your system, harmonizing the rhythm of your body and allowing a depper state of relaxation. Because four hands are better than two!

45 minutes     $69

60 minutes     $89

Relaxing Foot Massage

Not to be confused with reflexology, foot massages are for relaxation purposes only. When you’ve spent hours on end pounding the streets, you need a good rub to get that circulation going again. Foot massages are to revive tired feet and help you relax. It’s a treatment to indulge in if you find it tricky to switch off and unwind.

30 minutes     $29


This therapy is based on acupressure (which can be a bit uncomfortable) on the soles of the feet that creates an effect of equilibrium and rebalances your body system. An amazing, grounding experience for the weary traveler. 

60 minutes     $55

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