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Tarot Card Readings Sundays at Azul Beach Club

Tarot card reading is used to gain insight into past, current, and future situations. These readings allow us to learn about love, marriage, and success, as well as death. 

Would you like to know what kind of year to expect, or what sign would be the most compatible with yours? Then you've come to the right place!

In the comfort of a private beach-front tent, let Wendy and her years of experience guide you. The key to an informed future, one where you can more readily plan for any upcoming event in life, is through psychic readings. Are you ready to see what your future holds? Schedule your appointment today with Banana Azul reception.

30 minute readings - $10 - from 12:00 to 4:00 pm

About Wendy

Wendy Margarette Howells, from Wales, came to Puerto Viejo 7 years ago on a overlander between Mexico and Argentina. She arrived and has not left since.

She was introduced to the spirtual world by her mother at the age of 14 by a board game and has been interested in the world of tarot ever since.

Wendy is blessed to divine the ancient Tarot oracle which dates back to Eygptian times where the 1st style of cards were presented. There was a resurgence in style and art much later during the Italian Renaissance period, which is the tarot that we know today.

Wendy states, "I use tarot as a guidepost to the way forward or as a mirror to reflect whats really going on. Our future is not ours to know, yet we can receive guidance to the outcomes of our choices, and this is what I hope Tarot can do for you."

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