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$85 pp (includes transport, hike, climb, guide & snacks)

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Manzanillo Nature Observatory Full Day

The Nature Observatory is an award winning lightweight structure suspended 25 meters up in a tree powered by rain water and solar energy. A hatch in the roof allows access to the very top of the tree, another 30 meters above. From here you can enjoy astonishing views of the Caribbean ocean and the nature around.

You first for a hike through the primary rain forest of Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. This man untouched jungle is home to screaming parrots, jumping poison-dart frogs and traveling monkeys leaping from limb to limb high in the giant trees. Once at the Observatory , you can choose to have some workout and climb professionally equipped and supervised or you can be lifted by a winch elevator.

Observe the jungle from up in the canopy, which is a complete different experience than on the ground!

Afterwards continue on an even deeper hike into the jungle.

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