Hotel Banana Azul
Playa Negra
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon, Costa Rica
011-506-2750-2035 | WhatsApp: +1 (415) 839-8290
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Prices from $60 per person (2 person minimum)

  • toucan
  • green macaw
  • jacobin
  • aracari
  • trogon
  • oropendola
  • red capped manakin
  • red lored amazon
  • hawk eagle
  • kingfisher
  • motmot
  • night heron
  • boat billed heron
  • woodpecker

Caribbean Coast Bird Watching

Discover the hidden secrets of the South Caribbean Rainforest.

Our local naturalist lived here all his life and has been guiding the area for over 20 years.

What amazes people most of this tour is not only the experience of the rich diversity of the area, but to also hear what it would be like to grow up and live all your life in the jungle. With over 560 species of birds, the Talamanca region is home to over half the bird species found in Costa Rica.

The earlier you go, the more you will see. Scroll through the gallery above to see just a few of the beautiful birds that can be found on the bird watching tour.

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