Beachside Massage

What better way to relax than a massage on the beach?

Azul Beach Club has a special area on the beach to pamper and spoil you. Our masseurs are dedicated to the health and balance of your body, finding the complete happiness and vitality of your entire being. Combined with the breezes of the Caribbean Sea this a truly unique experience.

Choose from a variety of special massage offerings. Enjoy a private massage or side by side couples massage with two of our talented therapists


This massage is for complete relaxation from head to toe. This treatment is dedicated to your body to revitalize your mind and soul while immersed in scents and sounds of the Caribbean Sea; supplement that you cannot miss in your holidays.

Singles                            Couples  

60 minutes   $59                   60 minutes   $118

90 minutes   $79                   90 minutes   $158


Deep therapeutic massage with a variety of techniques to promote healing of injured muscles or tension. It incorporates pressure to stimulate blood flow, oxygenation, and circulation to the tissues.

Singles                           Couples

60 minutes   $69                   60 minutes   $158 

90 minutes   $99                   90 minutes   $199 

Fountain of Juice

Tasty, nutritious, colorful, abundant, delicious...are just some of the words used to describe some of the juices made from local fruits found here in Costa Rica! Tropical fruits have gone from being something exotic that tourists found on their travels to an ingredient in our daily lives. Experience the intense natural flavors of delicious authentic local juices made from fruits found here in Costa Rica at our Fountain of Juice

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting at 4:00 p.m. 

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